One LanguageTool Plugin. Three scenarios.

As you know, the LanguageTool Plugin connects Trados Studio with LanguageTool. Until now, the LanguageTool Plugin has only worked with the local installation of the LanguageTool server and possibly with the public LanguageTool server. The latest version (since 2019) also supports the LanguageTool Premium. In addition, the support for the public LanguageTool server has been greatly simplified.

Here is a comparison of all three scenarios:

LanguageTool Premium

Detects more than 500 additional errors in English and German. Statistical detection of typos for English and German. No local server setup required. Data are sent externally, but not saved on an external server. Requires a paid subscription.

LanguageTool Public

Performance limited (40 segments per 60 seconds). Free service. No local server setup required. Data are sent externally, but not saved on an external server. No subscription required.
An excellent way to familiarize with the capabilities of the LanguageTool without having to set up a local server.

LanguageTool Local

Best performance. Free service. Local server setup required (it does not take more than a few minutes). Data are not sent to an external server. Allows you to add and use custom rules for error detection.


LanguageTool is an open-source proofreading software that detects many grammatical, stylistic, spelling, typographical or punctuation errors in more than 25 languages. This tool can also be helpful for professionals, proofreaders, editors, or translators due to the range of detected errors.

You can use the LanguageTool service through your web browser, desktop apps, special plugins or add-ons. Apps and plugins are available for Microsoft Windows, iOS, Microsoft Office, Firefox, Google Chrome, Trados Studio, etc. LanguageTool is a free, open-source project that you can also download for offline use. However, it is also offered as a freemium service.

LanguageTool Plugin

LanguageTool Plugin is an application for SDL Trados Studio. This global verifier is used to check for grammatical and linguistic errors in the translated files. LanguageTool Plugin connects to the LanguageTool server via RestAPI and generates a list of all errors detected by the LanguageTool server.

The plugin for Trados Studio allows you to use the LanguageTool in every possible way, i.e. with a local server without sending data outside, with the LanguageTool Premium server after purchasing a subscription or with a free public server. Data sent to external servers are not saved and are deleted immediately after processing the query. The plugin for Trados Studio can also be configured to work with an on-premise LanguageTool server.

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