New Video Tutorial: How To Setup the LanguageTool Plugin

Setting up the LanguageTool Plugin For Trados Studio has never been so easy.

Unlike most other Trados Studio plugins, the LanguageTool Plugin itself is not enough to work. The LanguageTool Plugin requires Java (specifically the Java Runtime Environment, JRE) and the LanguageTool package (LT) to work. The installation of these necessary components has caused many problems for some translators in the past.  However, I didn’t worry about it too much until now. The plugin was supposed to give translators familiar with IT technology a competitive advantage. I decided to simplify and automate downloading and installing the JRE and the LanguageTool package in the new version. With the new Setup Wizard, it takes just a few clicks in the plugin to set everything up.

Now, I show the entire setup process in detail in the video, so anyone can do it. Give LanguageTool Plugin a try, it’s really worth it.

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