I explain difficult IT concepts to translators in simple words so that they can take advantage of future technologies today and stay ahead of the competition.

I have been working as a translator for twenty years and specialize in technical translations from English. In addition, I develop various plug-ins, applications, and scripts useful in translation and for translators, and I am interested in cloud computing and artificial intelligence. And these are the topics I would like to introduce to other translators on this website.

If you are interested in, for example:

  • How to leverage the capabilities of LanguageTool’s grammar and spelling checker in your CAT tools
  • LanguageTool plug-in for Trados Studio
  • Xbench 2.9 plug-in for Trados Studio
  • Machine translation scripts (Deepl, Google and others) in any CAT tool
  • How to train your own machine translation engine

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The information that can be found here will certainly be useful to individual translators and small translation agencies, and probably also to the broader community related to the language services and localization industry.

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